Sacajawea, our Shoshone Princess

An interesting place to visit on the Wind River Reservation is the Sacajewea Cemetary which oral tradition says is the final resting place of the famous Indian Guide, Sacajewea.

The Cemetary is tucked away beneath the Wind River Mountains at Fort Washakie, a tiny town on the Wind River Reservation. When you ask for directions at the Trading Post, you will be told to go down the road for a mile and half and turn at the stand of trees. Through the gates and up the hill, you will see a statue of Sacajewa, celebrating her time at the ocean. You can also visit her grave where people leave tokens to honor her and remember her.

I personally am a strong supporter of oral tradition and believe my ancestors knew who the old woman was who died in 1884. In that time, it was not a thing of pride to admit the old Shoshone woman had led the white men through this country. I recommend reading “Walk Softly, This is God’s Country”, the Letters and Journals of Reverend John Roberts. He met and interviewed the Old Lady and was convinced she was who her son Baptiste claimed – the one who led Lewis and Clark on their journey.

Whether or not you believe this oral history, it is worth a visit to what we believe is Sacajawea’s final resting place!


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