Chief Washakie


This famous chief has several small monuments in his honor at the Chief Washakie Cemetary in the town named for him – Fort Washakie on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Its a short distance away from the Sacajewea Cemetary and Trading Post, one of the stops I take visitors to when giving a tour of the reservation.  I will let him tell his own story, in his own words…

“The white man, who posseses this whole vast country from sea to sea, who roams over it at pleasure and lives where he likes, cannot know the cramp we feel in this little spot, with the underlying remembrance of the fact, which you know as well as we, that every foot of what you proudly call America not very long ago belonged to the red man.  The Great Spirit gave it to us. There was room for all His many tribes, and all were happy in that freedom.”  Chief Washakie

Chief Washakie, c.1804-1900, a chief of the Eastern Shoshone Indians, is remembered for his fighting exploits and as the friend of the White Man.   In the 1850’s, he helped the wagon trains passing through and helped herd strayed cattle.  However, although the calvary put up a monument to him, Washakie was bitter in the way his people were treated.  

“I say again, the government does not keep its word!” Chief Washakie


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